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Ambient media? A case study to remember!

August 20, 2012

One of my friends on Facebook sent me a link to an album, called “Lovely Ads”. The moment I saw what he sent me, I started explaining ..

According to Phillips (1998) ambient media (also used: advertising/promotion) is:

“non-traditional out-of-home advertising”

While I was studying for my marketing exam few months ago I went through an amazing post with the best possible examples of ambient advertising. I cannot express my happiness (as a PR student) the very moment I saw this set of amazing case studies! To be honest I was so impressed with one of the campaigns that it’s likely that I will use it as an example (in courseworks, exams, etc) until I graduate..

The year is 2010. Manhattan, New York. UNICEF launched a campaign that was aiming to create awareness towards the water-related diseases that harm millions of people every year.  How did they do it?

They created special vending machines. 1 dollar each, every bottle from the machines represented one of the 8 most common diseases.

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