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5MNON: “Penetrating your ears, in ways that the majority of the public won’t like”

June 17, 2012

Bored as hell thanks to the lovely British weather (while soaked up in my winter coat in the middle of June) I went to Southampton. Not that I had high expectations of that very day but it turned out to be one of the most epic days I have had since I came in the UK!

The moment I got at the coach station and found out that I will be going to a gig (5MNON‘s).. Well, I honestly freaked out! Big time!!! After missing I am Freddie Mays and Know One (every single time!?!); especially after the disappointing UK Subs (who by the way were great unlike the other bands) show I could not calm down. Unfortunately (which does not surprise me at all), I did not make it to the concert on time.

Going around the club with a Five Miles North of Nowhere‘s sticker on my chest I suddenly realised that I have been talking to the members of the band about the band itself..

After hearing a random record of 5MNON before going to the club I was not impressed at all. Wrong song, wrong record, too much beer and I can keep explaining what I believe went wrong. However, the moment I got back home I LIKED them on Facebook (which you should definitely do) and I found it! The best song that I have heard since I don’t know when.

Seriously, I have been replaying this song all over again and again..

And as much as I am annoyed that I can’t find the lyrics (as usual).. and as much as I am surprised by their music being as great as all of them.. Well, this is how excited I am about their upcoming debut E.P. and their next gigs. Hope I will see them soon but I really hope that someone from Epitaph will do this before me.. Yes, this is how they good they are!!!


Tell me about it..

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