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Education – the fountain of regrets!

May 10, 2012

Remember what you said to yourself in the begging of the academic year..

Oh, this year I am going to start studying from the first day in school/university! I will read before the lectures, I will listen in class, I will read my notes when I go back home. At no point I will be rushing through the books to get ready for an exam in the last moment..

So, far – true story, right? Yet, have you ever actually done that after the first week of the academic year? No, I don’t believe you did.

Assuming that this process has been repeated between 12 and 15 times, I believe that makes us masters – not in our degree but in procrastination, laziness, weeping and mumbling.

All these years, when April’s almost gone, we start regretting that we’ve done everything but studying, as we’ve promised. Basically, this creates the perception that studying is some kind of wicked fountain of regrets. Why? Because some people would be sorry because they either don’t have the time to memorise everything they had to through the whole year. Others would be sorry because they probably don’t have enough time to go our during the exam period.

Later on, when a person is at least-halfway near the end of the educational terror.. regrets about studying instead of working for money   start blurring.  At this point pregnancy, extreme facebook traffic and “Can’t be bothered” attitude may occur. This will give the regrets a little bit more time to grow up and mature into those massive regrets of having a baby/relationship/work instead of proper education.

So, what are your regrets?

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  1. ЮЛИ permalink
    May 30, 2012 18:06

    Юли съм ! Мноо як сайт !!! и тва с образованието е много вярно … stuDIYNG !


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