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Disappointment comes in all shapes!

April 25, 2012

Disappointment comes in various shapes! It may be caused by misleading stereotypes , personal confrontations with reality or even unimportant stuff like TV-shows, movies or commercials.

Recently, I discovered that disappointment can be quite powerful in the context of the music industry.

Let’s take for example your beloved Skrillex and of course the dubstep genre. Well, honestly.. How is it possible for anyone to fancy music, according to which a good review is:

His music is like Optimus Prime taking a dump.

Mark Dean

Oh, dear.. if Theodor Adorno was alive he would rather prefer living in a nazi-world! Believe me, his disappointment wouldn’t be expressed so calmly like Ray William Johnson’s!

PS My question of the day is: Is the Lays Product Placement in this video positive or exactly the opposite? Seriously, I don’t really get  it! Is he’s being paid by the company to prove the guy wrong or he’s being paid by the competition to express such disgust?


Tell me about it..

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