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.. because we need magic more than ever!

April 20, 2012

There are a few topics that I write about as much as I can.. From relationships  to everything that makes me wonder, it all goes down to my desire to make my readers smile every once in a while. However, there are some topics that sound rather negative but my only goal is to turn my back to the blissfulness of the ignorance and put things how they really are.

My recent addiction to TV-shows and writing about them made me use the Uses and Gratification theory as an excuse all over again and again. In the context of the top watched TV-series, this time it makes more sense than it ever did. Why? Because supposing that we use the media  (movies, music, literature or what so ever) to satisfy our needs of anything-we-miss, it means that society needs magic more than ever!

Should I start with Supernatural or should I leave it after the Vampire Diaries, Smallville  and almost everything that I’ve written about in the movie time section. But don’t dig deeper to find what I mean using the term magic because its only meaning in this case is something rather unrealistic for the .. real world! Why? Simply because it’s only Once Upon a Time that brings magic in its purest form.. the magic from the fairy tales.

As much as I want to tell you how much I love this show, I’ll keep going because it’s not only TV-shows that bring us the magic we need in our everyday life.

Take the films for example! Quite a long list there, right? Narrow it down to the ones that interpret fairy tales.. should I start with the princesses or the magic creatures?

 How about the list of re-productions of fairy tales just for 2012? I haven’t even started writing about them and there are at least 3 coming up really soon! I believe that soon I will be reviewing them this is why I’m gonna stop myself here. But tell me.. what was your favourite character and therefore, which movie are you waiting with excitement the most?

PS. I believe the princess character that fits me best is the Sleeping Beauty.. even tough that I don’t want Prince Charming to come and wake me up!!! I rather spend more time in the land where it’s all possible – Dreamland. The place where I can be with Sam Winchester, have my own music PR agency, drive Christine, live the life of Hank Moody, be as entertaining as Jenna Marbles, write cool songs as Lana Del Rey but basically – a bit from everything I write about in Wordchaos. 

PS. 2 Now you’d understand why the next TV-show that I will watch is Grimm. As some of you might know, The Grimm Brothers’s tales are one of my favourite. Especially because of the old animation series of their fairy tales.. the ones that I used to watch back in Bulgaria when I was really, really young. Hopefully, I decided to try and find them on the Internet and in a while I will be enjoying the nostalgic pleasure of watching them all over again! However, if you remember these.. the ones that started with a carousel and funny music, please let me know!!!

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