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Smallville – the Farmville of Hollywood!

April 16, 2012

I don’t have that much to say about Smallville. Тhe TV-show itself is not so great.. at all. From the love stories to the bad product positioning, the only thing that kept me watching the 10 seasons of  disappointment, was seeing Tom Welling and Erica Durance get married.

Slow-motioned I should say.. in terms of everything in the production. However, I certainly liked the characters of Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan!!! Not that I don’t adore Lois Lane or I should say Mrs. Durance and Superman himself but seriously..

 I am sure this time that my judgement of the show is not influenced by my Supernatural addiction. And I know that because I was so bored with the script that I had the whole time in the world to pay attention to the music, the guest stars.. and of course the not-enough-naked scenes of Justin Hartley. So, what I came to realise was that basically Smallville is somewhat great because it’s the Hollywood Farmville for TV-show stars.

Let’s start with Lana Lang a.k.a. Kristin Kreuk – more famous as Hallmark’s Snow White. This bothered me every season until the very moment I realised that the this woman is one helluva good actress! At least she didn’t bother me as much as Jensen Ackles – being the bad guy and what’s worst.. starring without Jared Padalecki!

 Yet, this is not the only Supernatural actor in Smallville. Unlike Chuck  left alone in a whole movie, Smallville featured Chris Gauthier (the lazer eyes guy, who played a total creep once again); Samantha Ferries a.k.a. Ellen; Colin Ford or the young cute Supernatural Sam and Alastair, being bad as usual (portrayed by Christopher Hayerdahl).

Somewhere in between the Supernatural cast and you’ll see who later, there were James Kirk of  “She’s the Man”; Amanda Crew from “Final Destination 3”; Buffy’s James Marsters and Robin a.k.a. Cobie Smulders from “How I met your mother”.

And if it’s sad that Jensen wasn’t accompanied by Jared.. That wasn’t the case with the vampires in the show. Oh, I mean the two vampires in Smallville – the le Vampire Diaries brothers.. Unfortunately – not together. It would be too much for the teen audience. However, neither Sir Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley looked so vampirish in the Smallville series. They were more like – ordinary middle-classed actors. Yet, Somerhalder was still that hot!

Also, Cassidy Freeman, who was quickly killed in the Diaries but played her part really well in all the Smallville (Tess Mercer) seasons she featured.

However, the winner of the Wordchaos. epicness award for goes to Sara Canning. Not only she made it possible for us to see this in Supernatural..

.. but she was a damn good guardian of our beloved Nina Dobrev and still took part in Smallville! So, cheers to lovelly Sara!

I should really stop here with the acting part because I should make a note. Of all the series I’ve watched so far (excluding Supernatural because its superiority is above all), Smallville totally rocks with its soundtracks.

I’m sure that you understand how much I appreciate the fact that VAST is part of the OST. However,.. to be honest I love the intro soundtrack so much! Yes, even after 10 seasons I didn’t skip the intro just because of the song..

Furthermore, they even invited the band to play it in the show! And for those who’d appreciate this – they also managed to get the non-yet-commercial One Republic to take part as well.

So, in conclusion.. Watch Smallville – not so much if you need drama but for the sake of it. If not.. just for thesoundtracks.


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