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The ignorance in love,.. the first love!

April 13, 2012

The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end.

– Benjamin Disraeli


I am pretty sure that I can’t tell you anything that you don’t already know about the first love. Well, it is certainly not like the other types of relationships I’ve  talked to you about. The thing is that it is not like any other relationship because it simply never ends.. or at least everybody says so.

However, I am not going to dig deeper in this direction because I don’t want to come to the same conclusion all over again and again. Yet, I am really keen on writing about the standard teenage relationship timeline while it still makes sense to me! Why? Because I have seen the same old story repeating way too many times.

Most people go through some kind of pre-relationship phase where they have the necessity to love and to be loved. It might get so powerful that it could feel like hunger or thirst. Either way it would eventually lead up to some attention-seeking and attention-needing behaviour. Not sure how to describe this one but you could easily identify this type of behaviour if you spend less than a minute in front of the entrance of any school. Yet again, if you’ve been through it you don’t even need to get this close because you can recognise that behaviour from miles away. You can see it in the crzy eyes, the strange body movements and now all this is also available on Facebook!

If the first stage is inevitable and develops in a similar way for everyone, the second one develops in various ways with different speed. It can be described as the phase where you’ve got about 3 daily crushes and all of the new people you meet are likely to beevaluated as potential boy/girlfriend candidates. Flirting here goes out of control all the time and it gets ugly if it’s interrupted by a third person.

Most people (not necessarily) go through a third phase where hang around with few people but secretly like somebody else. Looks almost the same as the previous one but it involves a relationship status. However, it’s easy to see when these two stages are over (and the relationship as well) because you’d see the status will start changing quite often and the person would be in a weird relationship (perhaps married or it’s complicated) with some really close friend (most likely visible to everyone on Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Even though that people generally tend to feel like they are forever alone, the first love just creeps into our lives out of nowhere. Perhaps just as unexpectedly as it goes..

It is good and bad, beautiful and ugly. Oh, it is just so educational!!! It’s so cute and harsh. Just so emotional! I read somewhere that it lasts about 3 years because your body gets exhausted but I don’t know yet.. I’ll see and when I get to know it, I will tell you. However, by then I won’t break the blissful ignorance of the first love and will leave you thinking about your first love – whether you’ve met her/him or not yet.

PS. This is how it felt for me.. and yes, it lasted 3 years.


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