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Running, changing, staying..

April 13, 2012

Even though that I spent quite a lot of time on the running and staying topic in the old records, today I was surprised with not just another freshly released video. After the quick return of  Empty Face into my playlist, I am excited to tell you that BFDM just made their way back in my.. life?

Just in the context of the song, that’s a huge change not only for me! So many new videos of Bulgarian bands in the last few months that it feels I’m missing so much. Thumbs up for that of course! What’s surprising is that I like more and more of what’s out there – just like Last Remains video (song, demo, everything). And with my expectations, this is a good sign!!! However, this doesn’t mean that the Bulgarian stage will finally abandon the heavy-metal-Metallica-tributing-sound and move on. Yet, it’s a good Friday the 13th sign and by the time this changes, I will be enjoying the lyrics of BFDM’s song..

Аз искам да видя промяна!

А ти, искаш ли?

А ти, искаш ли,

да се промениш?

Да направиш това…

Да направиш това, което чувстваш

И да бъдеш това, което искаш?!

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