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Symbols of love – they always get classic!

April 12, 2012

Valentine’s Day is long gone now! However, love is all around never mind what time of the year it is. Don’t get me wrong bеcause here I am talking about all kinds of love (if that’s appropriate to say) – mother’s, boyfriend’s, even if it’s for your dog, etc. What I realised today was that all the symbols of love, all the presents we give to each other – they always get classic. Yes, meaning standard.

I came to this conclusion thanks to my awkward nostalgic mood today! I spent some time staring at the ring my parents gave me for Christmas few years ago. All that time a single line was repeated again and again in my mind.. “Something to wear wherever you are”.

 Basically this led me to mind discussions in the spirit of what kinds of presents I have received through the years – for birthdays, prom, Christmas and everything that goes with presents. Yet, I was also considering the gifts I’ve made (literally) for my beloved ones.

Turns out that the people that you appreciate the most are either the hardest or the easiest ones to satisfy. Most of the time there is something in particular they’d want (like the student’s favourite present). If not, you’ll always have a backup plan with something regular or something incredible you know that they’d like 100% (the Parkway Drive ticket for my birthday). Here, you’d ask yourselves why is it so hard to find the perfect present. It’s so simple!

We all just want to give present that last “whenever they are”. I really do love presents like tickets, chocolate, clothes and stuff like that but soon they’d just disappear! Unlike them – jewellery, souvenirs (and memories) do not go away easily. So, this is exactly where the whole problem comes from! It’s so simple to give someone money and cool useless presents but when it comes to finding something that we’ll be a real memorial, it gets quite complicated.

I am not sure that this is the reason why all the symbols of love always turn out to be classic. The hearts, balloons, chocolate, jewellery, toys.. Oh, dear! So many presents out there waiting to be found!!! However, even I – the person that has the ability to create the most insane presents, can’t always come up with ideas to make my loved ones as never before! You know..

However, I believe that the present is important never mind the gesture (as they say in  Bulgaria). After all, if the present doesn’t make this special person excited (cry or scream) who cares if you gave it or not?


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