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Somewhere in between “What the..” and PR?

April 11, 2012

If I could, I’d be a full-time drama queen!!! It’s just that drama is so passionate and.. dramatic! This is why I love  to see emotion around me – especially in the media (news) agenda! Thanks to the social media, these days I have this opportunity more and more every day! Why is that so important? So that I could share cool stuff with my beloved readers. Just like this video for example..

Dramatic, isn’t it? Well, didn’t make me shiver like this one..

..but it’s totally worth it.

I’ve shared quite a lot of commercial videos (you can find them on the commercials category on the right) and some other epic videos like the one with the Corner Store Freeze or the ones about the British humour. However, all these times I have showed my respect to the videos themselves. This time it will be different! Please, applause all the people who have put their efforts in creating such great commercials/videos!!!

These are the people who make our every day life online such a great adventure (Hallelujah, 9gag!). Thanks to them we are not just somewhere in between “What the.. ?!” and PR! We are now persuaded with pleasure! Furthermore, thanks to them in future we will hopefully see less and less failing videos like..

PS. However, I believe that either way, there will always be someone to fix what's done to the holy audience by creating some great parody!

Tell me about it..

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