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What was the ancient version of “I need a dollar”?

April 10, 2012

Have you watched “History of the World?” No? Why?

Why could you possibly miss something like this?

Especially something like that (love that scene)..

Anyway! Enough with the spoilers!!! Please, do watch it because it feels like it’s in the context of what I am about to show you in a bit.

I will be celebrating Easter twice this year (same reason as Mother’s day). So, I decided to use the time and travel a bit around the UK in between the two holidays! I should say that being in London on a rainy Easter Monday perhaps wasn’t the best idea. However, thanks to the lovely typical English weather I found myself in The British Museum. I won’t lie! I’ve had enough of Roman and Greek ancient remains and it was such a relief to see so many Egyptian exhibits. Yet, the Media School student inside me did not leave me at rest. Why? Because out of 2 million objects I was inspired to tell you about a specific one, which is actually not that ancient..

Somewhere in between the crowded rooms and climbing up and down the museum stairs (oh, those full benches) I found this one. Even though that I had to share what a great PR idea this is, I decided to skip the analysis of the whole situation and proceed with the critical debate about what was the ancient version of “I need a dollar”.

I truly believe, it wasn’t “I need a Visa, Visa..”.


Tell me about it..

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