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Reality? For real?

April 10, 2012

If you live in Sofia (or have spend some quality time there) and you’ve had a beer somewhere near park Zaimov, you’de certainly know this guy..

Most people know him as Falafel.. who I know as the Falafel I beat up with a spoon on the Charity concert about an year ago. However, most people would now recognise him as Pafel from one of the many Bulgarian reality shows. Why (look at 27.5)?

Watching this guy on TV made me think about how do we know that something on reality shows is for real? How do we know if that people win money for real? How do we know that someone wins because we voted this way? The answer is – we don’t know!

Even after my recent lecture on the topic, I still don’t have a sensible answer for you. The fact that the media is provoking you to feel involved with some show (with the opportunity to vote, etc FYI spending money with messages or phone calls) does not necessarily mean that it’s your choice and something is for real. However, this is the first time for such a long time now that I see something so real on TV.

Watching Pafel didn’t make me think that there is reality on TV like for real but at least made me sure that sometimes people do succeed thanks to their great personality and a bit of luck. Yet, I can assure you that Pafel indeed is showing this kind of stuff to his friends! Not kidding..

.. it’s just that he’s like that all the time. Talent or not – this is how he rolls!

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