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F*#% the freaks!!!

March 26, 2012

You know how much I love Savage Ravage, don’t you? Sadly, I had to miss their 3rd birthday this year.. However, we’re in  a healthy (meaning happy)  long-distance relationship  and this doesn’t matter!

 While wondering when I am going to see their first official video, I recently came across a video that reminded me about the good old weekly gigs back home.. and also about one of my favourite songs!

Fuck you rednecks and your bullshit!

Fuck you war pigs and your money!

Fuck you satanists and your master!

Fuck your mainstream crap!

Fuck you commies, your ideals!

Fuck you nazis, follow your leader!

fuck you racists, we’re all equal

Fuck the freaks, fuck them up!

As a proud owner of two DEMO albums I just received inside information that soon I’ll be (more than) happy owner of a third one! That’s funny because few of the things that I managed to find space for (when moving in the UK) was my Bye! Bye! Box with their demo in. And yet of course my junky DYI vest with a lovely bold red sign – FUCK THE FREAKS!

PS. Do not forget to check their Facebook page and listen to other stuff like..

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