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Numbers matter! Go master the Social Media!

March 21, 2012

Today I came across an epic joke which was..

Why would a maths book feel sad?

– How would it feel.. with so many problems to solve?

And as much as I hate maths.. numbers matter. Hopefully, I am completely satisfied with not having to deal with it any more (which is one of the reasons why I love my degree)! However, turns out that I still have to evaluate and count.. numbers, views, success – basically everything that goes along with Social Media, etc.

We’re not talking about counting friends or likes on Facebook (by the way – THANK YOU FOR THE LIKES!). Not that it doesn’t matter, especially when we’re talking about evaluating how TV-shows, movies, musicians, etc are doing. However, I still truly believe that Facebook is not one of the best ways to count who’s liking and who’s hating! Yes, it may be a must-have these days but Twitter on the other hand is more practical. Basically, if you are looking for a Social Media website that will provide you will various ways to check how your audience is reacting towards your messages, songs, etc – Twitter just wins against Facebook!

Tumblr is not as reliable as either of these. But the best thing about it is that it gives opportunities for a wider approach! You can easily evaluate how you’re doing with taking a look at your followers list and your reblogs. Quite similar to Twitter though, as they both give you the opportunity to dig deeper into your audience profiles.

Unlike all these, blogs will always be the masters of evaluation simply because they give you daily statistics.  Some argue that blogs aren’t that popular compared to all of the above. Yes, tables seem to show that indeed. But..

Lets take for example – My Space. What happened? It was huge, it was cool. It’s not Facebook that led to the downfall of My Space and you all know that (especially when they screwed up their website – FYI, Facebook is trying to do the same thing right now)! Everybody literally hated it and My Space was the home page of every 20th person on Earth (just to imply what I’m saying). Some decided to keep their profiles but should we even count the abandoned or deleted profiles? Lets take another example – You Tube. Videos come and go – they would either go viral or they will stay on the last page of your search results. Facebook? Twitter? Their time will come as well because the Social Media Wars are just about to beging!

Therefore, the only sources that will stay through time – no matter what, are blog posts. I believe that this does matter because posts provide information directly from someone, who you can clearly research by reading other posts. Sometimes it’s even possible to check out how many views that given post has accumulated. You also have direct feedback from a person, who seems to be willing to put his opinion about you out there! What’s better than that? It’s the fact that your audience’s opinion will be reachable and visible through the holy Search Engines.

I am not an academic source! Yet, I have been interested in this kind of stuff  for a long time to make such comments on Social Media. As a news cannibal and a master of stalk-monitoring, I will give myself a shot and (as I did with the essay-writing guide) I’ll be giving advices again.

If you are starting up a new project and you want to be successful online – make sure you’re everywhere. Clearly, at first you will need to reach your audience and the only way to do that is to start with what’s popular online. Yet, do not miss the classic ways to promote whatever you’re doing! Keep in mind that you’ll need some time to reach your audience and furthermore – to get to know it! Use a bit stalking power and concentrate efforts on the media that turns out to be appropriate (don’t miss out the research before starting anything) for you but still do not ignore the other opportunities!

To make the best of it.. Do not think as a first year PR student. It’s not just putting your work online.. It’s not only sharing, reblogging and posting stuff. If you don’t have a plan and you’re not able to monitor and to control the whole process – just save some time and let it be.. if you know what I mean.


Tell me about it..

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