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Misunderstood rebellion is worse than mainstream ignorance!

March 19, 2012

I am in my tweeting mode right now! So, intending to flood my dashboard, I was going through some definitions of nostalgia in my favourite dictionary. Even though I was looking for more outstanding descriptions in the spirit of ‘What makes EXes have sex’ , they just all went down to homesickness or missing the past.. Shockingly, most of the definitions implied that nostalgia is basically connected to regretting that you won’t be able to be young and stupid again.

Once in a while I go through my teenagehood pictures just to realise how hilarious I look. Well, basically if I look at my picture from a party a month ago, I will think just the same thing. Believe me, it won’t be because I really do not fancy myself! Self-Improvement is what I would like to call this phenomenon.. And there are certain people in my acquaintance circle that I am so happy to know mainly because they remind me all the time how important changing  (meaning development, don’t get me wrong) is!

Not quite sure if I want to stay in my teenage years mainly because there is so much to look forward to now. Yes, we all have our good memories of the past and I can’t say a single bad thing about mine. I am completely satisfied with all the things I’ve been through with all my friends, my band, le high-school mates, еtc!!! We were just growing up together and our parents knew that whatever stupid thing comes up in our minds we’ll just handle it.. Not that we were some teenage uncontrolled idiots but at least we were given the opportunity to feel like it! The smell of freedom is the reason we’re so cool now.

And as much as I want to open some random photo album from 2007, I am just gonna stick to the point I am trying to make here..

As I said, now I see myself looking really ridiculous back then.. Probably, I am getting closer and closer to how my parents were seeing me. However, at no point I felt like a teenager with hair-issues, bad fashion taste (not that I am a fashion freak but manage to handle my style) and lacking of make-up skills. And, I was but I haven’t stopped changing since then (except my hair that  just can’t be fixed). Sadly, it turns out that not everybody adapts that easily to the way he/she should look like, depending their age.. Oh, I know so well about the whole rebellious thing and the angry comments that this statement would gain. Not that I don’t care but.. If you are following Wordchaos. perhaps you’d have a brief idea of who I am. Yet, if you got across to this post I should just make a note here. .

The song attempted to handle the pressure! However, for the last 10 years I went through all the typical stages of teenagehood or what Black Flag would describe in “Wasted” (No, I didn’t use illegal stuff):

I was so wasted. I was a hippie. I was a burnout. I was a dropout. I was out of my head. I was a surfer. I had a skateboard. I was so heavy man, I lived on the strand. I was so wasted. I was so fucked up. I was so messed up. I was so screwed up. I was out of my head. I was so jacked up. I was so drunk up. I was so knocked out, I was out of my head I  was so wasted. I was wasted.

And I still truly hate dress-codes, high-heels, people telling me what clothes I should wear. And I love my pink lock, wearing sneakers and jeans with holes, band shirts, etc.. But you know, at some point you have to change and accept that after all you are part of the society. Anarchy, rebellion and etc – I know these really well! Yet, unless you are not a world famous rock star, you’d better learn how to walk on high-heels and put a tie because your misunderstood rebellion could turn out even worse than what you’d call mainstream ignorance.

Just don’t make ignorance bliss! I am not saying that you should abandon the dark clothes, the hair or whatever your ‘pride’ is. However, until you adapt it to what society would refer to “acceptable”, your rebellion is just doomed. Growing up is the perfect opportunity for anyone to put their ideas, values and whatever they believe in out there! Just don’t wait for the moment when you’ll be asking yourself: “What happened?” because time won’t wait.


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