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No! Not another Ted Mosby!

March 18, 2012

Halfway through my education, I decided to go back and watch some teenage movies. Wait, .. No! I actually decided to watch “Not another teenage movie” ! Why did I do that? Well, simply because I was reminded how I look like  in my attempts to be an artist.

The first thing that came up from my choice was seeing  Josh Radnor a.k.a. Ted Mosby from “How I Met Your Mother”. Funny, huh? Watching all those TV-shows (comment on that coming soon) and then suddenly you decide to re-watch one of these “significant” movies from your childhood or your beloved teenage/high-school years. What happens? Well, you will certainly see your favourite actor in some kind of role that perhaps he is not so proud of now. However, not everyone can be like Jared Padalecki of Supernatural , who is randomly picked up for his roles in “Gilmore girls” and “House of Wax”. Yet, this is Supernatural and things are quite different there because of the traditional inside jokes among the crew!

But I won’t let Supernatural take my attention away from explaining why I chose to watch “Not another teenage movie”!

One reason is that basically it’s a parody, which means that it’s like watching 20 movies at once. Another reason is that it’s one of few parody movies that managed to catch my attention and what’s more important – managed to make me laugh.

PS. As I am talking about Supernatural (once) again so maybe it’s appropriate to make a quick note! Well, Rob Benedict a.k.a Chuck Shurley (the prophet) is playing Preston Wasserstein (the party guy).

Tell me about it..

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