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Happy UK Mother’s Day to all coffee addicts (and not only)!

March 18, 2012

In Bulgaria, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the 8th of March.

Ah, the smell of hyacinth! It is something that you cannot miss on the streets. On the 8th of March you are most likely to see crowds of people buying these lovely flowers in attempt to receive a huge smile from their beloved women (because it’s also known as the official Lady’s Day of all women of every age). The whole picture actually resembles a lot to what you’d see on the 1st of March when people buy as much martenitsi as possible – either to fill last year’s collection or to give one for health to everyone they see in the next few weeks.

However, celebrating Mother’s Day one more time (according to the British Calendar) is another opportunity for us (the Bulgarians, living in the UK) to thank to our strong Bulgarian Mums! For me, the 18th of March would be the day I realised in what way I resemble my mother..

 If not so much for the music taste and my rebellious nature (as well as the charm), it’s the morning habits! Or more like – one in particular: the coffee thing. It’s not that difficult to describe this one but basically it’s how both of us (and my lovely granny, too) prepare our first coffee for the day. This process is performed with such passion that you would be surprised to see how easy we leave it after a few quick sips. Yet, we finish the cup after we get home later that day and prepare another one. Sadly, this cup is a total waste of water, coffee, milk or honey as the next day neither of us would like their coffee cold or reheated.

As much as the Media claims that the coffee is not healthy, I would disagree! It’s the morning key to happiness! To some of us – a bit of happiness through the whole day.. So, Happy UK Mother’s Day to all the coffee addicts in the world (and not only)!!!


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