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Dang! 100/100!

March 16, 2012

Lazy Friday means.. being lazy on Friday. This also means that it’s the official Supernatural day! Yes, the waiting is over and there is a new episode coming up after the long break! Furthermore – Misha Collins is coming back and it just makes me wanna cry..

..but I just couldn’t resist it. However, I am off Uni and I have time to disgrace the Social Media (as usual) and write stuff.

Trying to keep low profile until after midnight, I decided to find something worth featuring in Wordchaos. So, what caught my attention was this cute teen girl (hope not S.H.I.T. fan) and her Video Blog. Not sure how I got across one of her videos, in which she shows thankfulness to her 100 subscribers but my first thought was: “Dang! I’ll be the non-gangster young Jenna Marlbles next subscriber“.. Which obviously explains why I liked this girl so much.

Hope cute Margo keeps up the good work and stays out of trouble, away from the online haters! Either way..

.. but she’s gonna get older and even cooler. So,..


Tell me about it..

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