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Sign up for Stalking for free

March 12, 2012

Digging in the immense depths of  marketing I got stuck on my beloved issues – spam, junk mail and other pretty awesome things.

This made me open my “Sign Up” e-mail – not to mark all unread e-mails as spam and put them in the trash zone but to see what the world has to offer me.

In the vast sea of direct marketing, mixed with SOS messages and newsletters (I never subscribed for), I found this quite important “Registrations” folder. It’s really amusing to see what kinds of websites I have been signing up in for the last 5 years. Mails, social media profiles, ‘watch online’ websites and job-seeking accounts were just a few of the organisations that I have decided to share my personal details with.

Turns out that I have signed up for free stalking! No intimidation or harassment was involved – just my personal decision to make myself a potential victim of all kinds of assaults. Have you ever tried to count how many times you have put your ID info on a plate for some “administrator” of a social media, forum, etc. How many times have you sent your CV or your contact details to an identified employer, service provider or anything?

Well, I haven’t. Even though I have always been extremely cautious about it, seems that it has never been enough.

I won’t even try to make an excuse because it has always been my choice if I am going to sign up for Facebook, Twitter or even WordPress. May seems that I really need these in order to prosper in my future career  or to be able to satisfy my news and information hunger. Well, this is pretty much the truth but that doesn’t explain the existence of 500 Facebook friends that I am not even sure if I know; 1000 MySpace users that still have access to my profile (locked but still available); WordPress subscribers that I can only identify as visitors of a particular post; Twitter followers or YouTube commentators.

Indeed, there are at least 20 of my abandoned accounts that are patiently waiting to be hacked; 200 websites that are currently filling my inboxes; minimum 2 000 people that know my name and my interests.. But, I should stop here because I have to save some time for deleting old registrations. However, even if I do it – they will still have my details (even if my name can be found as No Body, born on 5 May, 1948 – which actually gives info about my favourite football team) as I have clicked the “I agree” box without no concerns what actually I am accepting the terms of. 

Therefore, why should I ask myself  how is it possible that my TV provider (which has only my father’s details: e-mail and phone) calls me on my grandmother’s phone (on my mum’s name) and asks for me by name (number I was using temporary and no one knew about it)! And that really happened a year ago when I had no idea that I will randomly give my personal details and health information just to get insurance quotes from 5 to 10 companies.

So far, it all started to sound like a huge excuse that I am just a modern blogger, whose goal is to be updated up-to-date with everything. As much as I want it to be, it’s not. This is how things are these days. Sure, I will delete quite a lot of my accounts if possible in the next few hours but yet again.. Isn’t it kind of sad that a conscientious person like me (and I believe You) has willingly become a potential target of who-knows-what crime.

Yes, it doesn’t take much to get your login details but it’s up to you to protect your identity! Believe me, never mind how cautious you are, you can never be sure if you are signing up to be friend requested, followed, subscribed, spammed or STALKED!!! We have made the Internet so powerful that it takes only one click to get an annoying pop-up offering you sex, job or entertainment in the exact same area, where you are currently reading this post from. So, be aware – log in safely!!!


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