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Confessions of a vicious Sid

March 11, 2012

Sid Vicious

10 May 1957 – 2 February 1979

Rotten: Sid’s the philosopher of the band.

Vicious: I’m an intellectual.

Rotten: He’s also an oaf. He listens to what everyone says and thinks, ‘How can I get in on this?’

Vicious: No I don’t! I’m highly original thinker, man, he’s just jealous because I’m really the brains of the group. I’ve written all the songs, even from the beginning when I wasn’t even in the group. They were so useless they had to come to me because they couldn’t think of anything by themselves.

NME achives

“.. He wouldn’t even realise he wasn’t pugged in,” says John. “He was thinking he was sounding fantastic and his bass wasn’t even in!” After all this is how great Sid was! However, please note that Sid Vicious was not the vocal of the Sex Pistols (as most people think). On second though, he wasn’t really the bassist too but yet again he’ll always be the face of the punk-rock and for obvious reasons of the Sex Pistols.

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