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The Punk Revolution – then and now?

March 10, 2012

Getting the “Sex Pistols Anniversary Special” issue of NME  brought disappointment and happiness to my News Diet.

Sadly, the disappointment came first. Seeing Johnny Rotten on front page was supposed to be the attention-grabbing and heart-breaking approach of the editors. However, they decided to put a massive DUBSTEP spoiler on the very same page.

Moving on..

I can’t say that Johnny Rotten’s interview was something exclusive and never seen before. Of course he has a lot to say to the world but I will always be a fan of his interviews that include camera – just because it has the ability to catch his swearing and his epic faces.

Even though that my happiness was almost killed by the cover, there was a part of the article and Rotten’s interview that got my attention straight away! A column in between the royal pictures of the band stated..


The column was divided into two sections – Then and NowIt basically reviewed what was ‘occupying the nation’s mind in ’77 compared to now‘. 

One section explained that basically protests in ’77 were a common thing but they were also seen as fights of the musicians against the present. On the other hand, these days we’ve got our strikes, protests and fights – keep in mind all the ACTAa, SOPAa, Occupy London and so on, and so on.. But where are the musicians in the modern picture? Well, hopefully around clubs, using alternative revolutionary approach towards the reality.. Hopefully.

Another section compared the economic situation then and nowThe 70s were put under the flag of recession remarkable with 1.5 000 000 unemplyed and bickering, hapless government. Now, in the year when the world was suppost to end, the recession has doubled-up. Billions in debt, bank bailouts, bickering, hapless Europe and Adele selling millions.

If things have gotten so bad where’s the music, praising the economic struggle? Where’s the revolution? Where’s the punk revolution? No, the punk’s not dead at all and judging by NME’s article now it’s the perfect time for it! The thing is that we’ve forgotten what punk music is all about! The industry itself has forgotten what the music is capable of in times like these.

What happened to the reason for screaming?
What happened to the music and the message that I love?


Tell me about it..

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