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The Wave Theory

March 2, 2012

I just came up with a theory. I’ll just call it The Wave Theory and I am pretty sure that somebody, somewhere has just the same theory with different definition, description and name but that doesn’t matter!

BTW! Before you close that page (hope you have no intention of doing that, I just want to tell you that most of the time I am really sick of this kind of inspirational/motivational/lesson giving posts. Yet, every once in a while I just need to be reminded that sometimes things could look way too bad when they are not and I have nothing to be sad/mad/angry about.

Honestly (as usual), I should say that I hate when something starts with statements like “‘Life is hard..”, etc. This is why I ain’t gonna start my theory with something so boring! I have no intention to start it either with the usual “ups and downs” suggestions because I don’t want to be Captain Obvious (though, I think I am).

So.. I’m inspired by (or more precisely – influenced) my recent Parkway Drive Adventure (or I should call it passionate love for the band’s lyrics) and the fact that I achieved my dream as I now live by the sea (more of an ocean).  Also, I should not miss my part-time anger of a poor undergraduate student (where student basically equals poor as an unemployed person from 18 to 20 years) and a supporter of the idea that people work for their name (meaning reputation) until the very moment their name starts to work for them.

 In support of  my theory, I should also say that I’ve spend enough time on quoting some great people who do respect life struggles , limits that we put in our lives, our educations as an adventure, the uneasiness of the life itself, the reality, the uniqueness of the people  and their secret genius ‘potentiality‘ , the importance of the hard work, the inspiration and the creativity, etc. So, that made me realise that we certainly need quite a lot of time to create the person who we are  and hopefully who we want to be. Though, that does not only takes time but it also needs a high-tide!

My theory is that even though that sometimes we may feel really bad about ourselves because we are not doing what we want because … (plenty of reasons why), what we need is not only motivation and patience but also a high-tide.

I guess that the best way to think of life is as it’s a sea with its waves (ups and downs) and tides (opportunities). So, grab a surf and go for it – wait for any wave, not only the perfect ones.


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  1. Pesho permalink
    March 2, 2012 19:38

    first part me no like, second part 50/50


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