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Some call it “re-branding”, some call it “music career”

February 28, 2012

Well, I don’t mind Billy Talent’s music. Not at all! I even used to listen some of their songs back in high-school. What would my teenage life be like if there wasn’t Fallen leaves, Surrender, Devil in a Midnight Mass and so on..

It turns out that the band is a classic example of what the industry calls re-branding and we are most likely to call money-making “music career”.

Billy Talent are also known as Pezz! Wow, huh? Seems to me that re-branding can be a really harsh thing, especially in that case! Yet, it worked really good for Lizzy Grant, who you know as Lana Del Rey. Though, Pezz’s songs are amazing (mixing a bit of punk, jazz and other cool stuff)!!! They really are and I am pretty sure that at some point if someone, somewhere did not decide that it’s time for them to grow up (and make them way too pop), things would have worked out!


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