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Prayer of the Undergraduate

February 26, 2012
Let's call that post the Prayer of the Undergraduate. If you get to the end of it you'll certainly know why..

I know. I mean you know, we all know what it’s like. Uni’s not that tough after all. Just think how you actually got here..

Boring and random volunteering – sometimes okay, sometimes interesting but most of it – just some random activies to fill in the gaps in your CV. Summer work – or more like praying for tips or some wicked employer to take you as you’re most probably under-aged.  All the exams, the manipulation to get a good mark in physics (that you hate so very much). Confronting parents – just to make them believe you’ll never be a doctor or a Harvard graduate. Looking at that CV of yours – empty as your pockets which will stay like that while you’re an undergraduate student with almost expiring scholarship and probably long-forgotten student loan. Fighting for part-time job – only God knows how different from your future course..

Well, good job my dear reader. You made it. You are now growing up, working for your name, trying to change social status and hopefully the “work experience” section on your facebook profile. You made it. You are now at Uni!

You are now a party animal – you know the clubs’ events just as well as you know how to find the massive books for your coursework. Yes, these are the same ones that keep you “glued”  to your chair. Hopefully, not-falling-apart-chair in your small room in the student accommodation or if you were lucky enoug – the uni halls. At least you don’t live alone there if you ask me! Staying awake till 6 a.m. is not cool if you don’t have flat/house mates who you’ll most probably wait to come back from the night out so that you know it’s time to go to bed.

After all, that’s how we roll! And, oh, I keep my fingers crossed for you that your flat mates are cool enough to know that you’ve got an essay deadline tomorrow. Hope they also cook just to remind you how cool it is to come back home where your mother would be making a festive dinner. Either way, you know that the supermarket has cooked quite a good meal for you today. Only takes 20 minutes at 200 degrees to have a student meal!  Yet, all this will help you with your looks because no employer likes their employees way too satisfied..

Yes, they want us hungry. Craving for money, for experience. They want us mad, angry and ready to fight with the competition. They want us eager to get that 5-quid-per-hour job! And yes, they know because they’ve been there! They want to be manipulated, lied and abused just to motivate us to want to work for them, to show them our master creativity and get ready to listen to what they want from us.

So, we are standing here – somewhere in between the day and the night, between handing flyers on the street and the long way to our high education. Somewhere in between our reference lists with the names of the great people that teach us how to do what we do! Somewhere in between our refusal to grow up and move out and prove mum and dad that we can live alone only if they pay our rent. Somewhere in between ..teen and 20 something, damaging our vision in our attempt to progress with our social lives online and the word count of what we used to call homework.

And we pray..

To pass our exams. To pass the year. To go party all night and have no headache tomorrow. To look good at Uni, to look good on our CV, to look damn good in our lives. To get that job. To be successful. To get enough money to pay our rent. To fall in love. To be happy. To be graduate and at some point post-graduate.

All in all, that’s what was the answer to my rhetoric question some time ago. Life, huh?



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