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“Which crisis?” or more like “Which part of the crisis?”

February 18, 2012

Recently, the picture that shows how Bulgarians see Europe was brought up again in my favourite social media. So, I decided to go back to one of my previous posts that kinnda show how people see Bulgaria, try to understand the Bulgarian high education or just to “worship” our educational system as a whole..

Wish the lovely picture showing what it’s like to be “Bulgar” could take away the pain that these  posts cause but it just can’t fix that much.

“True story” or not, it really made me smile and in that very moment a song came up in my mind..

.. and this is when Milena Slavova made me think twice if I should be happy or proud of that picture. What’s more it took me further to a conversation with my Bulgarian colleagues. It was about how if you ask someone from Argentina or Poland about some crisis they’d ask you to specify “Which crisis?” unlike Bulgarians who are most likely to ask you “Which part of the crisis?”.  What we actually do may be true but the sad part is that never mind if it is now or 50 years ago, it is just how we cope with the constant crisis.

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