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Happy whatever you celebrate on the 14th of February!

February 14, 2012

Most people are likely to celebrate either their love or hate about today’s holiday. However, I wish everybody Happy-whatever-you-celebrate-on-the-14th-of-February Day!

I usually celebrate St. Trifon Zarezan’s Day (the Bulgarian version of the  Dionysius’s Day). Basically, that means that you celebrate your love and passion for wine. Letting yourself feel the satisfaction of  your unsoberness, you’d be able to open yourself for love in all its dimensions. Quite outrageous, isn’t it? Well, you can blame the ancient Greeks as much as you want because for them today’s holiday was just another occasion to get drunk and have homo-intercourses, brutal hangover and no memories on the following day!

That’s what wine does – intoxicating us the way that love does. And in the spirit of that statement and my beloved St. Valentine’s Day I went through my previous “love” posts. I turn out to be spending quite a lot of time on rambling about relationships, talking about love , commenting my favourite love movies (recommended for watching today: PS. I love you, 500 days of Summer, Up, Crazy, stupid love, Love and other drugs, Love me if you dare – a little bit of something emotional for everyone) or just referencing some lyrics of some lovely song.. Well, yes. That’s me – the hopeless romantic!!!

So, it’s time for me to celebrate the fact that I love and that I’m loved every single day; to celebrate the human ability to get intoxicated by the wine but by the life itself! However, once again I wish you happy St. Valentine’s Day, Anti-Valentine’s Day or St. Trifon Zarezan’s Day! If you are single or not and you are planning to get drunk tonight just remember – never let yourself be a person who is able to show his/her love only on the 14th of February!

PS. Don’t forget to drink few glasses of wine! After all, you may turn out to be in love with somebody/something by the end of the night!


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