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Out of the record: alternative rock seeks revolution?

February 10, 2012

Out of the record, I know my behavior’s not as good as you want it to be… Yeah, to be!

Out of the record, I know my appearance’s not as good as you want it!

But I’m only trying. I’m not gonna hide in!

You know that I’ve always been passionate music lover and I just love looking for some common sense even in the awkwardest lyrics! So, after Gross came with up their demo on Christmas, their song “Out of the record” made me think of something that I have never imagined (even considering) to be true and more shocking than the How many words are there for “murder”? project !

Now, when the punk has come to a point where (as people like to say) it’s not dead but it stinks, alternative rock turns out to be ‘the one’ seeking for revolution? No, not punk rock  – alternative rock! Some people may say that music is revolutionary and believe me I’ve spent quite a lot of time on thinking (listening) about music  to know that.  So, maybe it’s just high time for me to accept the fact that the alternative rock brings more revolution with itself than I want to. After all it’s alternative music for alternative people and they are not likely to “hide in”.


Tell me about it..

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