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Loving 21st Century! We’ve got the right to choose..even magazine covers!

February 9, 2012

How cool is living in the 21st century!? We’ve got quite wide field of “free will” and we get to make our own decisions.. We can vote, we can choose sexuality, genre, interests, etc. These days we can even choose the cover of the magazine we intend to buy? Well, I consider that – adorable!

I really appreciate the idea. First of all, you get quite a lot of people (like me) and the media talking about you genious idea. Second, you  give something for every taste (obsessed fan). This certainly helps selling more, which is essential for the press these days when the Internet is taking over the industry dramatically. Yet, it’s still appealing to cut the pages of a magazine/newspaper and to put it on your wall as an artefact of your fan-ship. Third, you get so many people to involve with that whole “pick what you like best” thing that I am pretty sure that there are people who are willing to buy more than one issue, as EW suggests: “buy your favorite cover (or all three)”. 

So, my dear vampire lovers and TV-show-addicts, hope you chose your favourite cover which in each case will be featuring beautiful Nina Dobrev.

 PS. Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress and model.. born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Ask Wikipedia! How can you not love that girl? We're proud of you, Nina!


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