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The Gangster Nancy Sinatra a.k.a. Lizzy Grant a.k.a Lana Del Rey

February 8, 2012

So many names for one and the same girl?

Who dares to call herself “The Gangster Nancy Sinatra”? Look at the front cover of this month’s Vogue and you’ll find out!

Lana Del Rey is one really amusing product of the US music market. Though, she is one extremely charming and creative young lady. She had the guts to become famous in the Internet so now it’s up to her to keep on coming up with her beautiful songs! Hopefully, with more and more old-school and artsy videos. Ain’t that worth seeing? Well, if you’re not much of a fan of the vintage culture and of the pretty pin up girls, don’t even bother!

I was in the quite stressful academic atmosphere and yet this girl caught my attention. At first it was because of the awkwardness of her official video for “Born to die” and her quite outrageous statement that she’s the “gangsta” Nancy Sinatra of the 21st century (or at least her vintage style was). Well, after listening a few more songs, a few more times I really started liking her.. Still trying to accept the slight difference between live performances and official videos but for the first time I find that difference charming and not bad at all!


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