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Vampires or outsiders?

February 5, 2012

Ah, dear Lord Byron. Never though he may be one of the first to be associated with “vampirism”. Yes, who’d know that this romantic poet gave the human kind the opportunity to create the initial image of vampires! Byron, himself was an extraordinary person for his mental issues or because of his amusing character and sexuality. He was in other words – the perfect outsider and mystery guy to whom society decided to base the famous Dracula’s image!

At that time, vampires were the ones to be afraid of. They were not part of the society itself but more like part the of society that nobody wanted to belong to! Vampires were scary, mysterious, ugly, unwanted and to some extend awed of.

This was still a valid tendency when Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were personified as vampires but this time they were appealing with their beauty and their messed up emotionality, etc.

However, this was the first step of the modern people to try and make the outsiders part of the society. A good attempt to start with. Unfortunately, nowadays we have the ability to make the already messed up mythology into a stereotyped mess. And this is exactly how The “Twilight” Saga Hysteric International Teen mega mass pop culture a.k.a. SHIT conquered the world.

Amazed by our own success in producing S.H.I.T. , we kept on feeding our imagination and at the same time changing the stereotypes in a way that they’d work for us in the 21st century.

We still have the people to save us and keep us safe from the outsiders that want to harm us and take our place in society. However, we’ve got these beautiful, seductive, wealthy vampires that have the exact qualities to make us satisfied. Why? Because now the stereotype of the vampire – outsider is changed to such extend that it now makes us feel comfortable with ourselves. It shows us how good it is to be an outsider – to be outstanding, different and at the same time to be an active part of the social group we belong to.

So, after all the popular culture may not be that bad.. I mean – it makes us feel good about being us, about being humans. Yet, mainstream is something that I don’t really like but it’s what allows the media to function properly.


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