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Further reading: Defining good books

February 3, 2012

It would not be fair! I mean..

I have been talking to you about my socio-economic project, about addictions, books and how I link them with relationships. Furthermore – I brought up the topic what a good movie  is and what I claim to be the opposite! So, I think it is unfair not to try and give some kind of definition of what I consider to be a good book!

I’ve actually thought about this before but it was after finishing some really good book for minimum time. This, according to my addictive issues is not the best time for something like that. Now, when I am looking forward to start my new book I came up with few characteristics of a “good book”.

1. It appealed you because of the interesting topic/subject/genre.

2. Kept your interest the whole time.

3. Made you ignore reality while reading.

4. You read the introduction and whatever there is in the contents and on the cover.

5. Made you want more!!!

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