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Relationships are like books. Sort of..

January 31, 2012

After realising that spending money on books is like burying a treasure in your backyard, I came up with another thought.  Though, this it’s more about relationships and books. The conclusion came up in my mind thanks to one of these so called “inspirational” movies. More specifically – “500 days of summer” !

Certainly, relationships change through time. Everything does after all (even Wordchaos.)  There is nothing bad in that and I honestly believe that changing means that you are alive.

Though, relationships also change us. They change our behaviour and even our attitude towards anything. I guess that is some kind of curtain falls down before our eyes, making us different in a way or another. Feelings are good but they have the power to makes us do things that we never thought we’d have.

Never mind if that eye-blinding thing is only temporary, an relationship changes us until the very moment it starts changing itself. Feelings come, feeling go. Maybe the person next to you would change in a way that’s not working for you, maybe it would be just your new you? No one knows.. Well, if you’ve watched enough romantic movies maybe you’ll have a longer explanation on that topic but I can not know that unless if you tell me.

Anyway, my point here is that relationships change whether we like it or not. They are just like books. At some point we may like or dislike the stories they tell. However, every book which you have disliked (not hated) or misunderstood will become your night time story later on. Haven’t seen that yet but some people suggest the opposite thing is possible too! At least in relationships it is. The person who you haven’t noticed may turn out to be more than some random guy/gal.

Here is what more incredible about relationships! Not only that the perfect stranger or the least expected person can become more than your “In relationship” facebook status. At some point, this same person can become the one you least want to be with.

So, yeah! Basically, relationships are like books. You should be old enough for them so that you’d enjoy them. There’s time for anything – for you to grow up or  for the book/relationship to mature. You know – like cheese does. However, I am sure that you are aware of the fact that not everybody likes cheese.


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