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Spending money on books is like burying a treasure in your backyard!

January 29, 2012

My recent socio-economic project and  TV-shows addiction  did not lead to satisfactory outcomes. First of all I ended up with an addiction (to get to the end of given show as quickly as I can) and second – I am now running out of  series to watch!!!

So, I came to the conclusion (once again) that at some point of our lives we go back to the specials of the menu – books. Turns out that spending money on books is like burying a treasure in your backyard. There is no object more precious than a book you bought yourself (especially when it’s with your own money)!

I’ve been trying so hard  to stop myself from buying books for the last five years that now I am ready to get whatever there’s on sale! However, all that time I could not help myself with collecting books from everywhere and everyone. At some point I was really close to achieving my dream – to have my own library! Only, I was missing the loads of shelves and the nice smell of old wood and dust.

On second though.. I may not have missed the smell of dust and unopened book, as I’ve collected books and dust (at the same time) all around my room. It started with my shelves. Then I started putting books on my wardrobe, in it.. under my bed and over my old computer. Realising that this is not the way to treat a book, I decided to return part of them to their owners.

As my heart did not let me sell anything (except the “The Chronicles of Amber” which I intend to own in English not in Bulgarian this time) , I decided to return the books from the library and the ones that belonged to my grandmother. I am not going to comment what was the reaction of the Russian alcoholic librarian when she saw me returning back a pile of books that she didn’t even know I took years ago.

Anyway.. I’ve been in the UK for about 4 months now and even though I really want to read only the academic stuff (and there is lots of it), I just can not stop myself from buying new books! I tried to fill my time with movies and TV-shows but that did not work well at all. This procrastination made me even more thirsty for romantic books, new stories and characters!

To make it clear what thirsty means in that case.. It’s an atheist researching books on biblical symbols and plots. Creating a full list of sea stories and journals I want to get hold of.

Oh, I missed the smell of the pages of a non-academic book so much that I may get back to my old dream – to be a librarian. To stick around the library the whole day. To drink coffee till late at night and to shout at kids when they come around having no interest in reading.


Tell me about it..

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