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Addictions are addictive, folks! Ain’t no resistance against them..

January 27, 2012

I’ve already told you about the Uses and Gratification theory. As promised I am going to tell you how it was applied in my.. let’s say real life experience. I already gave voice to my addiction and now I’m going to tell you more about it.

You know “Supernatural” – the TV show? Right, I assume that you’ve watched it. I hadn’t – at least now few days from now.

I had heard about it – from plenty of people and you can’t imagine how different they were. Perhaps, except the fact that most of them were female. That’s rather less important fact, though! However, before my curiosity got non-resistant, I was claiming that the show is.. Lets say – I insisted on the fact that I am never watching something like that.

I turned out to be wrong because I played few episodes of “Supernatural”. At least I stayed loyal to my personality and started from the middle of the last season. Hell knows what took over me but these episodes started a fire deep down in my brain. Turning back to the theory , now it’s easier for me to find the reason for the temporary brain damage I got. Returning to the “real life” after the magic Christmas experience back home, created a mix of events that were most likely to make me seek for escape from the “loneliness” I thought was surrounded by.

My immunity did not resist to “Supernatural”. Not at all, if I should be honest. First of all, it came as a stroke of lightning, hitting me with all that “brotherhood” thing. Watching such strong love between two brothers – well that is a thing to give to a girl, who wants a bigger brother. You know.. to fight for her honour, to be strong and cool.

That’s okay but come on! The whole “angel – devil” thing was way too much for me. I am an atheist! Even though that biblical issues have been interesting for me with their insanity, this time they made more sense. And it’s normal! Well, they were presented by two hot guys! Hard to resist that, am I right?

Lets keep going. Stop staring at the picture. Jensen Ackels and Jared Padalecki are certainly the best possible choice for the cast! Putting them together is the best combination as they are both most likely to be stoked by thousand of female fans! Don’t check if they are single. They’re not. Misha Collins isn’t too! I’m not even going to comment this one with his angel-looking eyes..

So! I am not going to skip Eick Kripke! Well, this guy knows what he’s doing. I give him full “Wordchaos.” respect. His ideas – epic! His music taste – gorgeous. Setting up the music theme with AC/DC, Kansas, etc. and making jokes with Metalica. I tell you, this guy is awesome.

I can keep on writing more and more but I’ve got a few more series to watch today! I’ve got to catch up with the story line of the 6th Season. Oh, about that one! It’s crazy! I honestly advice you not to watch “Supernatural”. You’ll love it – for one reason or another. Even I (the media school student) did not manage to take hold on  and to use my resistance to almost everything I told you about so far! It’s just that this time the TV was the winner. It broke my immunity and thought me a good lesson. Though, it helped me to remember the “Once upon a time..” experience, when we were living day by day to see what’s going to happen in the next episode of “Baywatch”. These days we’re not attracted that much to David Hasselhoff and Pamela! Well, they are still appealing to the publics with one thing or another.. things (you know what I mean (.).) Yet, I am not even sure what the modern people need anymore, except getting addicted to something.

PS. I had that "Baywatch" magazine and rewriting what was on the cover was my first attempt to write! Cool, huh?

People tend to get addicted to music, movies, clothes, different entertainments – some of them quite dangerous and probably forbidden. And whoever tells you he has no problems with addiction, better figure it out what his issues are cause believe me – no human on that planet is not secretly addicted to something. What to do with that? Well, you either going to die addicted or hopefully pursuing you addiction. My advice here – just live through your addictions as fast as possible so that your next addiction can be something more like a goal. I’m not saying to find what’s to point of living cause either way you are going to get to the conclusion that the reason for our existence is to find it. Didn’t get that right? Well, we’re living to find what are we living for (Kristine,2012).

After all, I did not find my answer after watching “Supernatural”. However, I really enjoyed it because it is a good TV show. Yet, seriously quite addictive. So, keep on watching, keep on seeking for life-dependent answers but do not forget to live. If you don’t find the answer you want, stay alive to see what’s going to happen in the next season of your favourite TV show. I may not be right but television always has something to teach us of so why not wait a season more?



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