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The Uses & Gratification Theory. Funny, huh?

January 25, 2012

There is a theory that suggests that the media is there for us – to satisfy our emotional or cognitive needs, to give us a brief idea of what we can’t experience by ourselves. If so, then the media is also there for us to make us laugh! Though, sometimes what we see is worth crying.

Honestly, the media is the best human creation – after the manipulative religion and the money making machines. What I love most is the press! When I was younger I used to find it extremely entertaining with most of its content. Lately, it makes me excited especially when  it comes to making paper ships out of the pages of a random newspaper. If I should be honest, that’s exactly what I do with the tickets from the subway and the useless flyers I get on the street.

Right before Christmas I was walking down the streets of Bournemouth, when a man came closer and offered me a newspaper:

‘Best newspaper in the city m’am. Ain’t no better toilet paper around here.’

It’s funny how people get use of the poor trees turned into paper. For example, my grand-grandmother used to make me eggs on small sheet of newspaper and it was the most delicious thing on earth! Crispy and salty. That kindda makes me sad because I used to enjoy the content that I read before enjoying  its taste. Now, after I  go though the whole Sunday Telegraph.. I come up with a paper fleet! Only God knows what war my ships are leading on their way to be recycled.


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