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Only 8 years old and more hardcore than 8 thousand bands!

January 20, 2012

Two videos so far have made me shut up and watch. The first one was “Go beyond the cover”, the second one – “When soldiers come home” (that one involves quite a lot of crying). But here it is – the video that not only made me shut up and watch but also made me listen:

Only 8 years old, Juliet left me speechless as I’ve been at a Parkway Drive’s concert again. How is it possible that such a sweet little girl is even more hardcore than 8 thousands “hardcore” bands which you can easily find randomly on the Internet? The lyrics, the music and the video itself.

Congratulations Rob Sharpe, you’ve done a great job.

Congratulations, Australia! You are doing great in “changing the world’s hardcore scene”!

Check out Tina.C.Photography a.k.a Juliet’s mum!

PS. I also love 6 years old Jacob..


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