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“Sex and The City” in a week – the socio-economic project!

January 18, 2012

Come on! I am a gal in the whole wild world and it’s a common thing for me to know by heart (almost) all of the episodes of sex and the city. If I should be honest – turns out, I really do!

In an economic way, my project – “Sex and The City” in a week –  is unbelievably extremely unhealthy! Yes, unhealthy. Watching season after season makes you want to light up a “Marlboro Light”, get a “Cosmo”.. and maybe to fill up the whole fridge with something fast to cook and eat afterwords as you become an “STC” addict!

In a social way – total disaster (even greater than “economic”)! You involve yourself way too much with the show and experience the whole thing  inside your real life. You start talking too much about relationships, thinking and what’s worse – “asking”.  Everyday you come up with a “question of the day” and after answering it, you wisely spend some time on reviewing sales of Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik’s collections.

Back to economic – all this can make you spend not wisely money on everything from food (especially when you watch the show), alcohol (home made cocktails), gorgeous outfits and outrageously beautiful but quite expensive shoes.

I can say that after watching all the seasons in a row, I totally hate the music theme in the begging! Yes, I really do but that is not important at all as I came to realise that this show is genius! Why?

There’s a theory that suggests that the media is there for us to satisfy our needs. We are active in our media choice as in real life we are not able to experience everything by ourselves. This why we look in the media for satisfaction of out emotional or whatever reasons you can think of.  If that is so – “Sex and The City” brings satisfactions to its audience in so many ways! Not only that it satisfies you but it makes you an addict to a variety of stereotypes . It gives you a huge dose of romance, alcohol, sex, clothing and again – stereotypes.

And I am not going to deny – these are still the stereotypes of “our time” that every girl should experience until they’re valid (YET!). And I am totally not going to deny – these are the stereotypes that I’ve been experiencing all my life so far and “I really do like it!”.

P.S. Only thing I don't like is that I forgot to write down in which season there's the loveliest colourful striped dress of Carrie. I really hate myself for that! I also forgot to write down my favourite words about how women feel okay only when they have the man, the job and ..

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