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November 30, 2011

Last year I had to make a research about “What’s the most wanted Christmas present?”.

Researching is not easy  if you want it done in an appropriate way.  First of all, most people will be in such a hurry that they are most likely to scream at you for talking to them. If not that, they are going to answer “Oh, Jesus Christ if I knew the answer would I be looking for IT  for weeks and weeks?!”

However, I had success and what I found was..

People (especially teens and university students) want cash! They prefer money to getting a totally useless present that they are going to try to give to someone else. In most cases they'd get a present which is inappropriate or will be changed (if the shop lets you). According to them it is "a waste of money which could be avoided with a good postcard and money,money,money.. in it"

Second thing most wanted is the "Non-existent present"! People tend to imagine the perfect Christmas celebration and even more the most incredible present.. most of the time - one, which can't be found wheather it's for Christmas or not. Things like love, health or maybe a pink Asian unicorn with golden tooth.

If not one of the above people have already sent a secret message to everybody like: "Oh, I wish a miracle happened and Santa gave me the new Vans model for Christmas" or "Well, if I had money after getting you the perfect Christmas present.. maybe I'd buy myself a PlayStation. But, well.. you're more important" . In the most desperate cases you'd probably hear a noisy "Sigh!" followed by "OMG! I found the best necklace on Lansdowne road and it costs £25. It's silver with a swallow!!! Lansdowne road! Swallow! 25 pounds - right next to the entrance! "


Tell me about it..

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