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Café – the most essential ingredient for.. TV!

November 30, 2011

Let’s think of it. We’ve all watched plenty of movies and TV-shows. In most cases you could see the characters wandering around with one of these cute plastic cups with lids. In other cases they have that special place – it’s either the coffee shop where they’ve met/going to meet their beloved one or it’s the place where they usualy hang around.

Think of a movie! Well.. What comes in your mind. Make it “The Devil Wears Prada”, Anne Hathaway is always in a hurry with a cup of coffee in her hands. Imagine “From 13 to 30” – same thing. Now think of any other movies and all the times you’ve dreamt of one of these tasty looking cups of warm coffee with lots of cream and perhaps chocolate sparkles underneath the plastic lid.

On the other side of the coin you’d “Love me if you dare” and “Amelie”. Even French movies have that coffee shop theme. The characters either work there or meet their beloved in there!

Now it’s time to think about the third case. Almost all of the TV-shows have that special place like a cafe (lets assume and bars). Take for example “Friends”. Its like half of the show getting into action in “Cenral Perk”. What about “That 70s show”? Well, they’ve got “The Hub”.

Let’s not forget “How I met your mother”. Well that place is basically making up the whole movie!!! They’re always there making me dream not that much of a cup of coffee but more of a cold beer in a good company.

However, it turns out that the coffee is something like a magical substance in all movies, whether it will be expressed with a product positioning or just with the phrase “lets grab of a coffee”. What’s more – there is always this sacral place where the characters seems to be having fun.. like all the time. I insist on the idea that it’s the cafe  – yes, like in

“The ballad of the sad cafe” – where the action’s always on but I also assume that maybe the bars are in that way, similar to cafes. Why so? Well,
come on! Just think of it for a minute. Can you imagine Charlie Sheen hanging around in a coffee shop? A cafe works for “Friends” and maybe it’ll in a way work for “How I met your mother”. I agree that this sounds priceless but that ain’t gonna be normal! Not at all!


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