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Are the movies that make you “emotional” the good movies?

November 28, 2011

Christmas is coming, all together with the Holiday spirit, the shopping fever and the need  for good seasonal movies is getting stronger!

I’ve been looking in the Internet for the traditional Christmas movies.. If I should be honest, I was actually looking for some new film. Well, what I found out was that not only I need to watch a Christmas movie, though it’s still late November, but I do need to watch one of the movies we all pick up when New Year’s Holidays come around. Few questions came up in my mind after I found myself getting way too emotional with the Christmas spirit..

Do we have some kind of emotional bond to seasonal or occasional movies? Oh, yes! We watch Christmas movies on Christmas, dramas after dramatic break-ups, thrillers after a long day at school/work/Earth and so on..

.. But what I wondered about was “What is a good movie?”. Realising that this question is way too general I asked myself what was a good movie for me. First thing in my mind – films that make me “emotional”!!! To avoid misunderstanding I want to highlight that by “emotional” I don’t mean movies that make you cry because they are way too good, so damn bad or as Jenna Marbles describes:

The “emotional” stuff is the important part of any movie. It’s just the content, the message and the thing that influences you, that makes you want to be something, to change or what so ever.

For example you watch a soccer movie and you decide to be a soccer player for the rest of you life. You watch a 3D “Star Wars” edition and you’re now a jedai. You watch porn.. No, it just doesn’t work with that one.

Movies are basically trying to persuarde you in a way. First of all to like them of course and second to feel something. If you “felt” it  for a single second that means that all the people that are responsible for that given movie made a good job!

I am talking in general about movies, though I started with the Christmas thing. I think that the good movies are the movies that make you “emotional”. The ones that influence you and make you talk about them at least half an hour after you watched them. The ones that make you think and won’t let you sleep. It’s not necessarily that these are the films that make you cry as hell or make you kill yourself (insight “Twilight” joke here). It’s just that movies that made you “emotional” are money-making cause “baby, they were born this way” – to make you think, to make you seek for satisfaction of any social or emotional need and what’s  even more to satisfy that need by making you “emotional”.



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