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The “Twilight” Saga Hysteric International Teen mega mass pop culture a.k.a. SHIT

November 24, 2011
I was asked to express a "brief" opinion about the "Twilight" saga, so..

First of all I should make it clear that I’ve both read the book and watched the movie. I am not proud of that at all but I know what I’ll be discussing.

However, I read the book long before the  filming part and right after the it was released in the USA (thanks to a lovely friend of mine). It was okay. I mean, my expectations for a teen novel about vampires and wolves  are,  lets say – “non-existent”. Yet, my expectations for romantic books are pretty high so the four books went through my hands like a fast train, leaving nothing but the euphory to get to the “happy end”.

But.. months or at least year and a half later, the whole international teen hystery started. I confess – I went to see the film cause I love watching  movies based on books – it just gives me the freedom to  criticise as much as I want. Most likely – the actors, the producers and of course the script.

It was disappointment. Poor acting, poor script.. The usual thing. Girls laughing, sighing and repeating words as if they have the book between their feet while watching it. Never mind that – I thought that probably  the whole concept of the movie might be fixed at some point but it went on, getting even worse.

Untill now. Not that it got any better – not the acting, not the script, not the audience. But come  on, a huge “Bravo” for dividing the last movie in two parts. Why shouldn’t they make it like “Harry Potter” when it’s obviously a successful strategy? Why wouldn’t they take advantage of another year of extending the hystery? “Twilight” fans should be given enough time to keep on making videos, T-shirts and tributes to the actors. Yes, the actors because they need to be repaid for their part  in creating S.H.I.T.!

I understand the whole S.H.I.T. (the Saga’s Hysteric Intern. Teen) culture, I really do. And I clearly appreciate the fact that Stephenie Meyer gave the world a whole new vampire-loving mass pop culture but please.. open your eyes:

If you need to satisfy your social teenage libido, do it with the book. Make yourself a favour. If you’re gonna be S.H.I.T. at least use the paper to fix your mistake.


Tell me about it..

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