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“BG” studends against “Made in BG” students? Why?

November 14, 2011

Today NTV made a very bad try to represent the public opinion towards the higher education in Bulgaria..

How did they do that - watch the full video HERE!

Maybe most of you, who are concerned by the things said in the video won’t be able to watch it because of Uni-let accommodation’s restrictions about given websites or etc reasons. However, here’s the main issue:

Истината е, че трябва да бъдем отговорни към нашата национална идентичност, трябва да бъдем отговорни към ъ.. нашата държава и към бъдещето на нашите деца.
Ако всички решим да избягаме и да отидем в друга държава, където ни се предоставят по-добри условия, по лесния път – това не е …най-..най-… най-лесния вариант.
Още повече, за мен бягат тези, които са … са слаби, тези които тук не могат даа.. даа.. да постигнат и да покажат максимума от себе си. Така че, аз вярвам, че.. че младите хора, аз и го виждам, в момента в България са много по-кадърни, ако ще и от.. от нашите колеги в Европа. Много по-умни сме. Ние ъ..ъ.. ъ .. , Нашите колеги правят научна работа, нашите колеги правят иновации … ето предстои следващата след няколко седмици студент на годината … и от всички тях се избира един студент на годината.

These are the words of a man, whose name I am not even going to mention in this post because he does not deserve to be mentioned. Sadly, we are still talking about the president of  the National Delegation of the Students Unions of the Republic of Bulgaria..

His words concern all of the Bulgarian students – in and outside our country. First of all, the people representing the Bulgarian students in Bulgaria, live on NTV, were not prepared on the topic in any way and didn’t know that actually in 2 days there are protests coming up, opposite to what they said. How come that they represent the students and do not know a thing about what’s currently going on? Who sent them there to lie and to manipulate, who sent them to speak in stead of the people working on the riots?

Second, who are they to decide and to label us – the international students abroad – as “weak” and “betrayers”! We are not responsible for our country’s identity? Is that so? Aren’t we abroad to fight for our  future in that country? Aren’t we abroad in order to be one step ahead of people like these, who will always have shelter over their heads, food on the table and job in their parents’ firm? Who are they to label us “junk” when we’re working twice as hard as they do – studying abroad, earning to pay our own education, living alone in a foreign country with different language and culture?

Dear students in the Bulgarian Universities, excuse us for being abroad and living the happy life of a refugee! We are very sorry that we gave up on our country and we decided to leave it all in your hands!

Dear Bulgarian students, away from “Absurdistan”, excuse me but do you think of yourselves as “betrayers”, “fools”and second-class idiots? I think not.

The problem here is not only the words of these two young promising people, who are perhaps looking for a golden future in the politics. The problem is that we, who are responsible for our future, let them talk nonsense without any consequences. If you do not agree, NTV’s looking for feedback on their e-mail! Do not leave it like that! The media is there to persuade and manipulate us, to shape the public opinion!  Raise your voice because in a point this may turn out to be the real public opinion.. Don’t let the people who call themselves your “brothers” judge you for your decision to study out of our country because you’re not just “made in BG” people and they are not the ones that can call themselves “strong and smart” only because they chose to stay back home.

You know the reasons that made you either decide to study abroad or to stay in Bulgaria! Keep them for you but remember you should never let somebody else speak for yourself as I won’t let these two! I’ve been offended. My family has been offended. I did not travel so far away to be called “a fool”! I left my own country for my own good. Yes, I was able to get into international university and believe me as I now talk for all of the Bulgarian students abroad, it is not as easy as you think!!!

We are not on a war against each other! There is no such thing as “the easier way”! Lets not make the irrelevant opinion of somebody stand for  the “public'” opinion because it is not okay to define the people by the choice they made for themselves!!!

 PS. This post is in English just as all the other posts in this blog.
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  1. November 14, 2011 22:03

    Само една забележка: нали обръщението ти е към БЪЛГАРСКИТЕ студенти в чужбина (предимно)? Защо всичко това е на английски?!

    • November 14, 2011 22:21

      Права си за забележката. Да, наистина обръщението е към българските студенти в чужбина, но е на английски, тъй като целият блог е на английски (тук-там с коментари на български) и го четат не само българи. Не мисля, че е нужно да сменя цялата концепция на Wordchaos. , за да се изкажа мнението си по въпроса. Съгласна?

  2. makich permalink
    November 14, 2011 22:59

    На някой, някъде вероятно му изнася да се подтиква такава изкуствено насадена омраза.. Тоя пич просто е много далече от истината, така като гледам българския му бяга още, но английския разбира се го може!!!


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