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My alternative “Essay-Writing Guide”

October 27, 2011

In all stages of your education, you’re obliged to deal with essay-writing. Never mind if you’re at high-school or University, it’s all the same – you just have to write that essay! After reading again and again.. and again “How to start an essay?”, “5 steps for essay-writing”, “The ultimate Essay-Writing bla-bla guide”, I decided to tell you about my alternative essay-writing scheme!

1. Go home! (Yes, really!) Read the topic (that means to understand your assignment, call/write to whoever can help you with understanding the topic)!

2. Just write down the introduction. It’s not lame if you ask me. Use the fact that everything is still fresh in your head. You’ll be really thankful to yourselves for that later. If it’s too much for you to take it,  just write down some basic notes to start up with! The more you wait, the worse it will get.

Haven't done 1 & 2 (in less than 7 days)? There's no point to keep on reading.

3.  SO! You have the introduction. Here is where the reading/researching starts. If you don’t need a good grade necessarily just google your topic but still you can use a book, from the place called “library”. Some really nice and polite people work there and they can help you to find something.

If you think you don't need to read/research .. just click HERE!

4. Taking notes is really important if you want to come up with a good essay. Whatever comes to your mind – write it down! Believe me, you’ll forget it, if it’s stupid you’ll notice at some stage.

5. Nothing can stop you now (except FACEBOOK but you know that). You have the introduction, you should have at least some brief ideas – just write them down.

6. When you finish the essay. Leave it. It’s like wine – it needs some time to be ready for consumption. Give it a week.. then read it again and edit it.

If you still read that, obviously it's not your deadline tomorrow! Good job!

7. Before handing/submitting/etc the essay, read it out loud. You’ll be sick of reading that essay again and again but if you don’t see your mistakes you’ll probably hear them.

Tadaam! You're ready. 

This is how I do it. It really works for many people especially when you have lots of time ahead. Just don’t leave it, finish with it earlier and party hard afterwards. If you don’t have that much time for writing the essay, just start with it the day you’ve been told about it.


Tell me about it..

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