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Does your country even know its kids?

September 26, 2011

I’ve been in the UK for a week now  and one thing can not leave my mind at rest: “England, do you even know your kids?”.  It’s just that I couldn’t formulate this in any other way. However,  after a sinle week out here I realised that I don’t know anything at all about this country!

 I came here with given expectations (perhaps stereotypes)  for the culture of the English people, especially when we’re talking about music. What I’ve seen so far made me think that it’s a common thing to admire the culture (or the music) of some foreign country. But is it okay to know  given culture more than you know your own?

I wanted to say so many things but since I started writing I realised that I’ve been changing the topic in every second sentence. I needed to express how strange the culture shock is..  I needed to say some things like:  “Yes, people are different.” 

Yes, I expected to finally meet people who at least have similar music taste. Yes, I expected for the English people to have heard about the English music I’ve heard of. And yes, I’m disappointed right now. Yes, obviously I had too unreal expectations.

And now thinking for something as a conclusion after the messy unconnected sentences in this post I realised what I really wanted to say from the very beginning of this nonsense:

“Do know your country, your people, your culture and what so ever. Never let anyone change it, put it in a bad way or judge it. If you do not, in a while it might turn out that your country doesn’t even know you exist!”

P.S. Now "Wordchaos." makes some real sense..

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