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Junk Yard’s “Junky Art”

September 5, 2011

You know Junk Yard – one of the winners of the Tuborg rock bands challenge  and also one of the most amusing bands on the bulgarian music scene. I hadn’t seen them in a while but two days ago I HEARD them!

What’s so extraordinay about hearing them?

I finally managed to hear some songs from their project called “Junky Art”.

Junk Yard are three amazing people which I’d rather also  call incredible  musicians! Their project “Junky Art” is all about music!!! It’s the three of them again but their music is different – not with its quality but with the sound! Their project sounds different by the meaning of it’s funkiness.

Even though I have never heard my favourite Junk Yard‘s song live on stage (actually heard it backstage) I’ve heard their punk-rock songs, their amazing covers of bands like Kultur Shock and also but not on the last place their artsy project !

So if you haven’t done it yet – add them HERE and find more about Junky Art here! If that ain’t enough for you:


Club Pork Pie
11 September 2011
.. about 21:00h
 FREE entance
Come for support and to vote for them in this competition!
More info HERE!


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