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The music makes you wonder..

June 11, 2011

These days I couldn’t sleep because one song kept on disturbing my mind when I was supposed to sleep. While I was watching “How I met your mother” I overheard the song one more time and now I knew what song I have to look for. Here is what the song turned out to be:

BUT.. my story doesn’t end here.

Weeks ago (before I even started watching “How I met your mother”) I had the same problem with another song. The worst thing there was that I actually  knew that the band was Parkway Drive but I had no idea which song was wandering (with no lyrics) in my head.  How I solved the problem? Well,  I went through Parkway’s discography.. twice (because the first time I got distracted..  too much).  It finally turned out that the song is this one and all I remembered before knowing it was that exact song, was the music during the chorus.

And yet the story goes on!

Today in the car I heard on the radio this song:

Which suddenly remembered me a conversation with my friends from about 4 months back, in which we were talking about this band’s name and the song:

The conversation was also about the fact that there are these songs from the times when we were little that we know really well – except from the fact that we have no idea what the lyrics, the artist and the song is! And suddenly I started searching for the song (I didn’t know it was “Two princes”) which tuned out to be 3 different songs which were more familiar to me when I was little and through the years they mixed up in my head. The first song was “Two princes” by the Spin Doctors, the second was Smash Mouth’s “All Star

and the third one – the Hanson’s “Mmm Bop”

Well, music made me wonder about many,many things during the long hours of searching each of these songs. Now, hopefully I will never forget those songs (now favourites in youtube) but perhaps I will always keep on singing a song which would be a strange mix of all those songs mentioned above cause thst is what will keep them forever in my mind!


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