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Attractive people – the best way to enrich your culture!

April 23, 2011

Attractive people influence us in two ways and they both have good influence on us. Meeting amusing people is perhaps the best way to enrich your culture in terms of art, clothing and behaviour..

One reason is that when you meet a person who seems to be attractive for you because of his outfit or incredible charm, you’d want to know all about them! These people have the powerful force to arouse your curiosity and interest for example in music..

Another reason is the interaction with these attractive people – because these are the people who you can learn a lot from only by a simple conversation.

Yet another reason is that attractive people are able to make you feel “colourful”! Charmers would probably be people who you don’t meet in your everyday life, who are different from the “black and white reality”! They have specific positive energy which has the power to raise your spirits and to create a mood in which you’d feel both comfortable with yourself and the world around you because you took a bit from what these people have – the power of attraction!

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  1. April 24, 2011 00:52

    I like this post and that girl is pretty cool, and quite hot. :) hehe.

    However attractive people seem to have too much power, good looks brings confidence and charm, therefor attractive people seem to always get further in life. And that can be annoying to us regular people.



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