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Working with inspiration!

April 14, 2011

J.K. Jerome said that the best time to be lazy is when you have a lot things to be done and I said that the easiest thing to lose is the inspiration!

Today, while studing I kinnda changed my mind a bit and one more time I ended with the conclusion that when you have plenty of work to do and suddenly you get hit by the inspiration, you’d feel amazing, still busy but extremely energetic.

But there is just one more thing that I’d like to pay attention to..It’s the distraction!

This is what you’ll get as a bonus  – for free! If you have one very important thing to do, you’ll be ready with 5 other things before getting extremely serious with your prior duty..

After all in the end of the day you’ll be extremely exhausted by the brain work you’ve done, lacking of any inspiration and any desire to do anything at all and of course you’ll feel some kind of strange satisfaction thanks to all your deeds through the lond day of working with inspiration!


Tell me about it..

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