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State exams sent by the Internet!

April 14, 2011

Гимназиите, които нямат интернет, ще свалят тестовите бланки за матурата от близка компютърна зала, квартално кафене или от дома на някой преподавател. Това съобщиха от просветното министерство до инспекторатите по образование, като част от организацията на матурите..

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Now that we are a month away from our state exams, our government decided to become ridiculous one more time! The matriculation exams will be send with the undivided support of the Internet. How amazing! They also say that if there is no Internet connection, the school will have to use the Internet of the nearest cafe or from the home of some teacher.. WHY NOT?!

Well, let’s say that there is Internet connection in the school but what if the printers go crazy.. I think that the best thing to do is to write the state exam down by hand and copy them for everyone or if even that is impossible perhaps every student could rewrite the exam by himself.. WHY NOT – JUST KEEP IT RIDICULOUS!


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