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About: “Wordchaos.”

April 13, 2011

There is one great song that I have been admiring and repeating for so long that now it has turned into part of.. me and  my blog of course! Its lyrics are amazing, it’s meanings even more!!! We’re living in times, where we’ve had enough of everything and all we need is to wake up and fuck up our damn lives!

I think about all the hundreds times that you tried to stop me on the road I cross and all the hundred times in which you tried to tell me that my behavior’s not one of the best!Then you tried to take my pretty little shoes off to make me sleep on your trashy white bed and I realize that the moral of the story is that you’re only stupid idiots grown up too fast!
I  cannot understand people fighting wars and keeping guns in their hands,they can’t understand that they are killing their friends and I know, I won’t fight no fucking war!

And sure you know that nobody cares about the kind of life I’m bringing on,but I don’t care I just wanna tell you:



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